Lost in the Mid-Atlantic

fic, rants and other thoughts floating halfway between New York and Philly

i make up for it with cunning and guile
6 March
New Jersey, United States
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18th century british history, 19th century american history, british comedy, cary grant, criminal minds, dropkick murphys, fantasy novels, flogging molly, foo fighters, great big sea, jimmy stewart, johnny cash, lord of the rings, mythology of various sorts, piano, politics, shakespeare, simon pegg, supernatural, the beatles, the who, violin, writing
I'm a grad student, working towards my Master's in Library Science, living and toiling in the wilds of Central New Jersey. Have been a university brat since time immemorial, and have not yet, and am not likely to leave the strange fiefdom of academe. My family includes The Maternal Unit, The Fraternal Guy, and The Supremely Insane Cats (Plural) The Dad, The StepMa, Tiniest Brother. I like science fiction, fantasy, but also crime shows and silly British comedy. I am a fire-breathing lefty liberal commie pinko who inherited a tendency to yell at the teevee from my maternal grandmother.

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