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*waves at everybody* Things got a little hectic for a while there.
The second half of the summer has been absolutely crazy. First, the apartment I moved into in August was great, pretty, wonderful....
Except I had no working shower, and had to bathe via tea kettle for two weeks.
Then, I tried to sign up for Verizon internet service....
Only to blunder into their strike, and have no home Internet until last Friday.
Finally, I tried to head for a nice lovely Cape vacation...
only to be stuck there two days longer than I intended because of FREAKING HURRICANE IRENE.
Fortunately, my little place and the Mum's were spared the worst, which is not true of everyone in NJ.
Hold them in the light, people.

So, short story long :  [personal profile] lilalanor and I have been trading new fandom addictions back and forth this summer.

She got me hooked on The Tudors. Which is not at all historically faithful, rather silly at times, and unsubtle.
AND YET. It has Jeremy Northam as a Hotch-esque Thomas More, Sam Neill playing a corrupt but sympathetic
Wolsey, many natty hats/clothes, canonical slash, and sex. Much sex.

So, in retaliation, I got Lil hooked on the wonder that is Law and Order: UK, with its Jamie Bamber-ness and Ben Daniels being pompous but sexy and Bradley Walsh/Freema Agyeman/Harriet Walters being AWESOME.

Meaning, now, Lil and I share passion for three separate OT3s: John/Abbey/TJeff (John Adams), Sherlock/John/Greg (Sherlock) , and Matt/Alesha/James (Law and Order: UK). It is, as they say, ridic. ;)

So there was a very silly babble session last night, which I *believe* started with *someone* mentioned "1500s lube" (honey, mead, olive oil) .... and it kind of spiraled from there. Involving people wanting to experiment with stuff from the kitchen, and other people being all NO SERIOUSLY I NEED THAT FOR THE GODDAMN PIE STOP IT.
SO: we decided the only solution- Food/Porn Fic-Athon!

1) People leave prompts
2) Other people write fic
3) Profit!

1) Can be comment fic, or link to something longer.
2) Can be from any fandom (fictional or RPF): knowing my flist, I can predict some of them, but I'm not going to restrict.
3) Can be any pairing, canonical or not.
3) Must involve some sort of porn/porn-y, but it can be as explicit  or fluffy as your little heart desires.
4) IMPORTANT/RAISON D'ETRE: prompts must involve food/beverages in some fashion.  e.g. feeding the other person strawberries.
Or whipped cream "clothing". Or "why are all my maraschino cherries gone." Repeat after me: your kink is not my
kink, but your kink is okay.
5) However: if either prompts or fills are going to involve triggery stuff, PLEASE INCLUDE WARNINGS. I don't anticipate this, but just in case.

I'm crossposting this to DW and LJ, so leave posts, fill posts where-ever. Link this in other places with abandon. If it gets to the point where it's necessary,
I'll start keeping a list of fills in the main-post itself.

FOOD. PORN. Two great tastes that taste great together! GO FOR IT!



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